Project delivery doesn’t mandate the service you receive. Our commitment to building lasting partnerships does.

Construction Management

From conception through close-out we act as your partner – filling in the gaps, working through constructability and procurement challenges, advising, guiding, providing recommendations and solutions, and ultimately bringing certainty of outcome to your budget and schedule.

Design Assist

When the complexity of a project is evident due to any number of factors including new systems, materials, or untested construction practices, bringing in subcontractors to lend their expertise and design on behalf of the architect is advised. This eliminates costly delays and redesigns, which slow and complicate the process.

Design Build

The fastest of all delivery methods, from contract signing to turnover,  Elaine is conversant in taking the project lead, contracting directly with an architectural partner, and bringing quality, economy, and speed to your programmatic challenge.

General Contracting

Steeped in tradition, this delivery is best suited for well defined programmatic types, and projects that have the time to bring drawings to full maturity.

Project Consulting

Elaine is called upon to act as a trusted advisor outside the region for our long-time clients.  We ensure the use of Builder’s Books, Best Practices, and project oversight in support of our client’s goals for success.

Lean Methodology

In response to an increasing demand for fast-track, and hyper-track project delivery, we employ a Lean Mindset, and Tools to eliminate waste and bring value.  This approach supports a well organized, and safe site, and through alternative sequencing, makes possible a more expeditious turnover.