Wexler Construction Founded

Born to Russian immigrants before the start of WWI, Leo was resourceful by nature, clever by necessity, and motivated beyond need. A graduate of Boston University, Leo was drawn to construction at an early age. "These buildings we erect are the material embodiment of American dreams, hopes and plans". Leo felt compelled to contribute to the ever-changing skyline of our community.

Behind Every Great Man

Elaine Wexler Kopans emerged as the company's leader after Leo's untimely death. Working in close collaboration with William Kopans, Wexler Construction continued to thrive. Elaine's sharp business acumen coupled with her strong belief in Tzedakah - Charity, indelibly shaped our company.

Generation No. 2 Joins the Ranks

Ken Wexler graduates from the University of Vermont with a degree in Civil Engineering and begins his career in construction. Four decades later, he's still at it, and wouldn't have it any other way.

Like Father, Like Daughter

Some things really are in the blood. While the specifications for the doll house were reported to be extensive, the team worked together to complete the project to great fanfare!

Ken Wexler Named President

Dedication, expertise, and a unique ability to bring a little levity to the tough work of construction earned Ken the title, garnered him respect, and resulted in lifelong friendships.

Becoming Elaine

For 25 years Elaine helped sustain the company, support, grow, and leave her indeliable footprint. Wexler Construction parts ways with the public arena, says adios to winter conditions, and moves indoors incorporating as Elaine Construction Company in her honor.

All in the Family

Lisa Wexler becomes the third generation of Wexler’s to join the company. Ken is surprised and beaming with pride.

Celebrating 50 Years!

Five decades, three generations, keeping one foot in tomorrow through construction and commitment to community.

New President and New COB

Five decades, three generations, keeping one foot in tomorrow through construction and commitment to community.

Top Women-Led Businesses

Elaine Construction makes the list! And will continue making Top 100 for the next 8 years.

Jan 2015

If we had a middle name, Safety would be it! Elaine wins the AGC Safety Award. 

Elaine Construction Turns 70!

Happy Birthday to Us!  

Something in the Air

Elaine Construction orchestrated the removal of old equipment and installation of new rooftop units at One Devonshire in downtown Boston. With the riggers assembling the dunnage in the middle of PO Square, months of planning was well executed when a helicopter successfully picked the new equipment up and over Boston buildings to the rooftop at One Devonshire. 

Jan 2020
Mind the Gap!

Elaine Construction was one of the initial signers of the 100% Talent Compact. To this day, over 250 Boston-area employers have signed the Compact and pledged to close the gender/racial wage gap in Greater Boston.