GLOBAL SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY:  Think Globally . Act Locally . Change Incrementally

With opportunity comes responsibility
Construction is the second largest industry in the world.  It accounts for 13% of the world’s GDP and represents $12.5 Trillion dollars in annual spend.  These numbers are staggering in their significance and undeniably contribute to the health and well-being of our economy.  Beyond the dollars, our lives are shaped through the buildings in which we live, work, worship, recreate and gather.

Historically resistant to change, the construction industry is evolving.  Driven in part by necessity, and in part by a desire to create a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive workforce that will contribute to the vibrancy of this global super sector.

Close to Home
As a Certified WBE, we are wary of a designation that highlights differences that could be viewed as deficiencies rather than assets.  We believe that what we have in common – our shared desired to Build, Craft, and Create makes our communities better places in which to work and live and forges a bond among us, strong enough to eradicate the barriers to entry and retention that have previously existed.  In so doing, our industry will grow, support above average salaries and livelihoods, and present and example of inclusivity and belonging.


A third-generation family owned and operated, Certified WBE, Elaine’s culture is steeped in the values of: RESPECT . CRAFTSMANSHIP . STEWARDSHIP . and INNOVATION.  These values are the scaffolding that allows inclusivity to thrive, a sense of belonging to be cemented by our common purpose, bound by opportunity for all.

Here’s how we execute:

  • Signatory to the Wage Gap Compact,
  • Mentorship/Sponsorship/Career Mapping,
  • Gender Decoder tools for hiring,
  • Culture of Care,
  • Jobsite Climate/ Zero Tolerance
    • Defacement
    • Harassment
    • Bigotry
    • Hate


The future of construction is diverse.  At Elaine we not only open the door, we provide access to affiliate business to support your growth, provide training, mentor/coach, and offer right-sized opportunities to set you up for success.

  • Training and mentoring
  • Advocate for favorable payment terms, and underwrite, when necessary,
  • Lobby for reduced bonding and insurance requirements from owners,
  • Assist in obtaining lines of credit to grow your business,
  • Break scope packages down into smaller more manageable components,
  • Provide a jobsite free of offensive language, graphics, imagery or symbols, bigotry, hatred and harassment,
  • Opportunities to thrive.



Essential to closing the labor force gap that continues to widen as 40% of the industry retires out in the next six years, is recharging the workforce with diverse suppliers.  This investment is the future of our industry, without whom our economy will not grow, our project cost will rise, and construction starts will be pushed.  It is a social and economic imperative for which we all must contribute.

Partnership for Change

  • Underrepresented business entity outreach,
  • Workforce development,
  • Youth engagement,
  • External DE + I Team,
  • JV Partnership’s with minority firms,
  • Jobsite Initiative,
  • Adjust bonding and insurance requirements,
  • Payment guarantees to support growth, capacity and financial efficacy within the CM Community,
  • Division of major scopes into component segments for manageability,
  • Measure what matters:  Increase participation on jobsites AND with unique players to expand the pool.