Soul Cycle . Spin Studio

Soul Cycle . Spin Studio

Elaine assisted Soul Cycle in making their Regional Debut in Boston, completed their 50th studio in the Back Bay, Boston with two other Boston locations currently in preconstruction and construction. This high-end, 5,000SF cycling studio bucks traditional trends in studio design and construction with its boutique amenities, a retail shop, and locker rooms. A key component of the Soul Cycle experience is centered around lively music, sprinting, jogging, and dancing on the cycles which necessitate specialty soundproofing measures. The studio itself was constructed as a “floating” box on springs. All piping and ductwork was contained in acoustical lagging to manage breakout and stream noise, all electrical outlets and demising wall penetrations were fitted with custom gaskets, and a high-end rubber flooring was utilized to manage both sound and vibration.

Construction took place concurrently with several other large scale projects within the building and site, off of an extremely congested Route 9, and required well orchestrated, and coordinated traffic mitigation and deliveries plans. The project was completed on time and within the established budget.


Architect:  James Harb Architects




October 21, 2015


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