Located in Boston’s Seaport District on the 15th and 16th floors, at 2 Seaport East, this Real Estate Asset Management firm was in need of an update.  All work for the 40,000 SF renovation was conducted on weekends and during the evenings.  Each night crews strategically attacked quadrants of the floor, having mapped out, in close coordination with AEW Project Team, the areas available for turnover, the furnishings and materials required for the execution of the work, and the labor resources required to carry it out during the night.  Each morning at dawn all the materials, debris, and workers vanished from site, leaving employees in wonder regarding the evening’s transformation.

Project scope included all new private office furnishings, flooring, lighting to maximize energy efficiency, 3 new conference rooms , 3 new team spaces, with their associated HVAC requirements, and  new elevator entry lobby and reception space.  Major challenges included the phasing effort, coordination and sequencing of all subcontractors, scheduling of furnishings, and the daily disappearing act required to ensure employees and visitors could conduct their work, undisturbed throughout the renovation.


Architect:  Stantec, Inc.




August 24, 2015